MEBA NC server - software

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MEBA NC server - software za jednostavnu i brzu optimizaciju rezanja čeličnih profila

Software for the management of cutting pieces especially for double mitre CNC controled MEBAeco DGA series bandsawing machines.   

The Software is available in 2 versions, Further user specific solutions are on request, e.g. multi-user system and the connection of  machines.

Version 1:

  • Collecting data of saw sections on the control panel
  • Nesting  of orders

Writing sawing programs in the production planning

Version 2:

  • Transfer of CAD data from structural steel systems via DSTV-NC interface
  • Data management

Amount of Output


On the one hand the organisation of the saw sections takes place according to the order (Version 1) or according to the order and drawing (version 2), on the other hand according to the profile type and the material. According to a special order-explorer the sections always can be find and it’s possible to control the action by lists out of the program.

Collecting data of saw sections accords to the order or the drawing  by choosing a profile out of the profile list, apportion the quality, length and quantities as well as fixing the mitre or rather the cuts. Editing takes place by the graphical surface that is contained in a automatic measuring single drawing.

This display is guided by the options, for instance the measuring unit, the degree of the cross gather or the indication of the sum of measure can be choose. It’s possible to zoom the display and to print it out in different sizes.

The user has to prepare the sections for nestling (e.g. saw sections of a type). The important parameters, e.g. trim cut, width of the saw blade etc. always can be chanced. Adjusting the typical length for each profile type, additionally you can indicate the concrete length of the remaining piece and the beam. Test the different versions of the length. The program indicates cut lists /work sheets as well as the finished sawing program.

The operator uses this program and starts the automatic mode directly.


Generally data can be adopted out of different sources and together be processed. Materials and names can be converted (if required),e.g. to one’s own name of the item. The accordant regulator can be adjusted within the installation.

A Viewer-component (Adobe SVG Viewer) as per  ADOBE® SVG VIEWER SOFTWARE DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT won’t be sold but will be placed at your’s disposal.

The Server (apache-componets,, Open-Source-Software, won’t be sold, it simply will be adjusted.